What’s the point of Twitter? My answer

A friend of mine asked on Facebook who had a Twitter account and what the point was. Most had an account but found it pointless. I thought my answer was kind of interesting:
I do (@sosiouxm3). It’s probably most useful for discussing niche topics and live events. For general social interaction… not so much.
The main point of it is that it’s a real-time stream of public comments that’s easy to search and see as it progresses. If we had Twitter on Sept. 11, 2001, a continuously updating search for #WTC or the like would have been very interesting to watch. Now, you can hear directly from the horse’s mouth about protests in progress, or natural disasters, or even Burnie Sanders’s filibuster the other day. All in brief blips, of course – most contain a tiny link to more info or an image/video.
I like to use it to toss off quick thoughts that occur to me or pass on little tidbits (it’s helpful to have my phone nearby). It’s sort of like an extremely large chat room that way. Sometimes I get quick feedback from people I don’t even have any contact with, like company/organization reps. I also just like to occasionally dip into the stream of thoughts by people I find interesting – wind up with a lot of odd bits of information that way. I have to be careful not to get sucked in too often.