OpenShift scaling on OpenStack

Recently I worked on a video for our CTO’s keynote at the OpenStack Summit. You can watch it here:

Actually the still for the video appears to be my goofy mug (at least for now) instead of Brian. My video starts at about 11:30 in. I actually just did the screenshots, script, and voice-over. The diagrams and music and editing and whatnot were other people :)

It is definitely still proof-of-concept but I thought I should point out where the code for scaling OpenShift like this (after a little cleanup) actually lives. It’s over here:

It’s intended to be pluggable, so it should be fairly easy to swap in another IaaS or client (having worked with it a bit, I don’t find the nova client particularly scriptable, probably would have gone another way if someone hadn’t done a lot of that work for me).

If anything, it highlights some of the complexities of trying to automate this. But people have been asking about automating this case, so here’s a first stab at it; improvements are most welcome.