#maven screams

That is, it screams by proxy. Through me. All it does by itself is barf verbose output.

Let’s try the absolute first example. After apparently trying to download the internet, it works. But hey, what’s this I notice in the output?

[INFO] [archetype:create]
[WARNING] This goal is deprecated. Please use mvn archetype:generate instead

That’s encouraging. Let’s try this when I create another project.

242: remote -> flexmojos-archetypes-modular-webapp (null)
243: remote -> nexus-plugin-archetype (null)
244: remote -> spring-osgi-bundle-archetype (Spring OSGi Maven2 Archetype)
245: remote -> spring-ws-archetype (Spring Web Services Maven2 Archetype.)
246: remote -> trails-archetype (null)
247: remote -> trails-secure-archetype (null)
248: remote -> tynamo-archetype (null)
249: remote -> circumflex-archetype (null)
Choose a number: 58:

Wait, WTF is this? “Pick a number, any number!” I didn’t come to play guessing games, I just want to generate a project in the approved way. Apparently even that essential, obvious step is too complex to “just work”. And heaven help me if I cd into one of the project directories I’ve created and try another project creation command:

[INFO] ————————————————————————
[INFO] Error creating from archetype

Embedded error: Unable to add module to the current project as it is not of packaging type ‘pom’

Well, you know what they say. Clear as mud.

Yes, I’m being deliberately obtuse. I can figure out what’s going on here. But come on; this is ridiculous. Isn’t maven supposed to simplify things? Doesn’t simple mean that for common things, it works as expected and gives feedback that a normal human being can make sense of?