(No) Fun with ant, SWF, Eclipse

It’s a little thing. But when you install ant on fedora, nevermind the huge list of dependencies, there are some optional ant parts that aren’t installed unless you ask for them by name (thus “optional”). I tried to follow the directions for building Spring Webflow examples and got a lovely BUILD FAILED due to missing components. I’d be more specific but since running ant again it’s scrolled WAY off my terminal buffer, but it’s a lot like this one.

I guess since Java folks are used to pain, the whole routine of figuring out “where the hell am I supposed to get this class/JAR/whatever from” with very little information must be old hat. I appreciate being told not to panic (Java tools abound in scary-looking error messages) but it might have been a little more helpful to give me some guesses where I might find this missing component. Maybe some common JARs to look for, or a hint that I might want to look for optional ant components and install them.

In this case, simple enough. Fedora has the optional ant components in various packages (ant-junit, ant-trax in this case) and I can just have yum install them. BTW, the yum search key? Not “ant” (too much output) but “optional”. Although actually “ant-” works better. Sadly yum doesn’t do anything useful with “install ant-*”.

Ah, time for more Eclipse fun after I import the built examples. Error: Can not find the tag library descriptor for “http://www.springframework.org/tags/form”. Yes, but why not? Where did you look? Where should I look? “Type mismatch: cannot convert from boolean to String –  standard.jsp line 53. Eclipse doesn’t even show an error on that line, it only shows up in the “Markers” section, and anyway there’s nothing wrong with the jsp. I’m not making this up, someone else has the same problem! No solution posted though.