Link shorteners in Firefox

I don’t understand what it is about Firefox URL shortener extensions that causes me problems; they must interact badly with other plugins I use or something. After having a setup that seemed stable for a week or so, I installed Shorten URL and when I restarted the browser, my saved tabs wouldn’t load; so that was a non-starter (literally!). Other reviewers complain of various bad interactions on that as well. Then I tried the specific shortener, and that works great except that when I shortened a URL with it, half the time it crashed the browser and I’d lose whatever post or tweet I was working on – not so helpful. Honestly, what is it about URL shorteners that’s so invasive? Seems like it’d be simple enough to just add a context menu item or two and fire off an HTTP request. Other shorteners all look dodgy in some way; I’ll try and see how that goes.

UPDATE: that seems to work, although everything’s in… Swedish? Icelandic? I don’t know! Oy. Why can’t I just twitter like a normal person…