working together, minor discoveries

New Android from scratch blog post. Woo! Also, sent my merged G1 skin to the original author to see if he’ll put it all in the Creative Commons so we can derive from it :-) Also, I discovered exports iCal format, which of course means I can see my group’s calendar in my Google calendar! I love it when things work together.

I’d like to learn about testing and TDD for Android apps. Looks like Diego Torres knows a thing or two about this – surprisingly the SDK docs don’t touch on it AFAICS.

My new “Hello, Android” book introduces some stuff I had no idea about; e.g. I didn’t know you could use resources to define menus and preferences interfaces, and I didn’t know that you could specify different layout files for portrait/landscape and not have to futz with that kind of magic in code. I wonder if you can go further and specify different layout files for different resolutions? That would make sense. Anyway, resources are not just to keep strings and layout out of code, and not just for I18N, looks like they help with lots of platform stuff.