This is basically a stream of consciousness log for me to write down what I’m up to technologically each day. I found that after figuring something out, I would either know it so thoroughly that I forgot what it was like not to know it, or I would forget it after a while and have to go through the learning process all over. Either way, writing it down can help. And if watching me struggle through stuff can give you some good pointers, or just make you feel better about struggling with the same things, I’m glad to help.

I live in the Triangle area of North Carolina, and I’ve been programming since childhood. I graduated from NCSU with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics and zeal for Linux and open source. Since then I’ve mostly been working on web applications, first for the Performics affiliate marketing website, and then for Red Hat’s main website, mostly written in Perl. Since leaving Red Hat I’ve been floundering around on an idea for a website that I think I’m just not ready to create yet, in the process learning Ruby on Rails and Prototype’s JS framework. Lately I’ve taken an interest in Google’s Android platform and started a local meetup for developers. So that’s most of what you’ll hear about here.

Other random interests of mine include copyediting (I’d do it for free if I could afford to and if anyone cared these days), singing (a cappella in college, community choruses now), and Rock Band.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Luke,

    I love the effort you’re putting in, to this site. Keep it up. Lots of valuable information here.

    a.k.a. Android PR Gal

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