Whitelists for YouTube

As a parent, I want a whitelist feature so that I can let my kids access YouTube at all.

Restricted mode is a useless joke. My kids aren’t interested in “disturbing” content, they’re interested in worthless drivel. Blacklists are useless, because there’s an endless amount of worthless drivel to play whack-a-mole with. I do not want my kids’ brains filled with random garbage.

YouTube, if you want my kids visiting your site, *ever*, you will provide a way to configure a whitelist so that when my kids go to YouTube, they can only see Khan Academy, TED talks, and StoryNory, and not get their attention sucked away into every stupid wannabe clickbait channel in the universe.

YouTube maintainers, if you’re a parent, how could you yourself not want this for your kids? I’d pay for it. Come to think of it, I’d probably use this feature for my own YouTube experience.

There’s a ton of genuinely valuable content on Youtube, linked into a zillion sites on the web. I’d like to enable that. As it is, YouTube is network blackholed in my house.