Thursday (after a lapse…)

Yesterday I finally got my diagnostics code in a good enough place to create a new pull request. Tests are flaking and there are some validation bits I missed but I think it’s in pretty good shape to address the feedback from the previous incarnation. So now I can move on to continue working on the AppCreate diagnostic knowing there’s a good chance it will be able to merge once this blocking design change is merged.

It looks like issues and bugs are piling up around the openshift-ansible docker_image_availability check. I’d really like to clear up a bunch of these relatively small things but I feel like I have to focus on the large things for extended periods and ignore everything else in order to make any progress. *sigh* perhaps I should designate one day a week just for powering through quick items. I suspect part of my resistance is the fear that small things will turn out not to be so small… that seems pretty common.