My morning install ran into another new problem. Docker was running just fine at the beginning. The install reconfigures and restarts docker, and it fails to start, complaining about storage:

Error starting daemon: error initializing graphdriver: devicemapper:  Unable to take ownership of thin-pool (docker-docker--pool) that already has used data blocks

A Google search turns up some similar issues from a year or more ago, and it generally seems to relate to /var/lib/docker having been deleted after devicemapper storage was used. Nothing should have done that and I really don’t know why I’m seeing this while doing the same thing I’ve done before. Perhaps it’s a new version of docker in our internal repos. To get past it, I blew away /var/lib/docker and re-initialized storage.

Then things seemed to work until Docker actually needed to pull an image and run something. docker pull seemed completely broken:

$ sudo docker pull
Using default tag: latest
Trying to pull repository ... 
latest: Pulling from
00406150827c: Pulling fs layer 
00c572151848: Pulling fs layer 
dfcd8fbc5ec3: Pulling fs layer 
open /var/lib/containers/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob003587718: no such file or directory

This went away after restarting docker… again. What the heck?

And other stuff went wrong. I gave up on it. Then I went to work on some go code, and vim-go did its thing where it freezes for a while and spins up all my CPUs to run go oracle (or whatever) and I thought it might be a good time to find out about using evil mode in emacs. Or, I guess, spacemacs. Looks pretty cool (actually I learned some new vim sequences just by watching demo videos on youtube, so even if I don’t make the switch… cool).

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