Spent most of the morning checking email, reviewing PRs, checking bugs, and other such administrivia. Since we really actually branched 3.7 yesterday I updated the openshift-ansible image builder to start building 3.8 from master.

I decided to take a shot at an Ansible install of OpenShift v3.7 to take a look at some of the new features. The first thing I ran into is this lovely error:

 1. Hosts: localhost
 Play: Populate config host groups
 Task: Evaluate groups - Fail if no etcd hosts group is defined
 Message: Running etcd as an embedded service is no longer supported. If this is a new install please define an 'etcd' group with either one or three hosts. These hosts may be the same hosts as your masters
. If this is an upgrade you may set openshift_master_unsupported_embedded_etcd=true until a migration playbook becomes available.

Ah, here’s the problem, in a warning that scrolled by quickly at the front of the Ansible run:

 [WARNING]: No inventory was parsed, only implicit localhost is available

So that’s what you get with the default inventory (simply including localhost) when your real inventory doesn’t parse. That could be more friendly. Also that seems like it should be more than a warning. Turns out with Ansible 2.4 there is an option to make it an error so I made a quick PR to turn that on.

After that I ran into all kinds of fun stuff regarding internal registries and repos and kind of spun my wheels a lot.

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