Tried to summarize what my team has been doing the last few months. It’s a depressingly short list. Although, you know, reasons.

I couldn’t get past that ansible problem from yesterday. Seems I’m not the only one seeing it (or at least something like it); I summarized my situation on another user’s issue.

Forward-looking question of the day: how could I work better/faster? I didn’t come up with anything right away.

Listening to an internal presentation on what’s coming out with OpenShift 3.7. Wow, do I have a lot to explore.

Realization: the pre-install checks shouldn’t even be in a separate location. They should just be baked in as preflight tasks in the roles where those tasks are performed. Same for post-install/post-upgrade checks. Ansible health checks should be reserved for ongoing verification that everything is still running as expected, looking for known problems and such.

Michael Gugino tracked down and addressed that ansible issue. Nice work.

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