I can’t believe it’s already December.

Problem du jour: getting logs from a pod via the OpenShift API. You would think I could just look at the impl of the oc logs command, but as usual it’s too tangled a mess (or, more likely, I just need to understand how to really use the go tools I have).

oc logs first muddies the water trying to figure out what kind of resource the user wants logs for. I can hopefully ignore this since I already have the pod I created ready.

Interlude – trying to figure out what gets injected into a pod’s /etc/resolv.conf file. Because someone is getting a wildcard domain added to their search directive and that causes everything to resolve to that domain IP, including e.g. github.com. I couldn’t get a useful read on what settings are relevant. I thought there was a setting for whether or not to inject the skydns nameserver; now I can’t find it. I created a pod on my devenv and it didn’t get anything injected. So I’m not sure all the sources of input to this file.

WordPress used to have a button to remove the distractions and make the editor take up the whole window. What ever happened to that?

So back to getting logs. Looks like I need to store the command’s Factory somewhere in order to be able to get to the LogsForObject method. Kubernetes or OpenShift factory? I have the OpenShift factory from my command and it contains the Kubernetes factory so it’s all the same.

I got the pod running… after I remembered to actually have the diagnostic call the necessary code. Disconcerting when you run a diagnostic and get *nothing* back. Now I have the pod being created and a readCloser with the results. Reminding myself how to use a readCloser.

Pro tip: don’t try to Fscanln a reader. Create a bufio Scanner instead.


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