Two bits that annoy me about standard Android apps

Perhaps I should start a running list, as there are sure to be more.

1. Facebook – every link that leads to the browser wastes my time going through some stupid Facebook warning *in the browser* that links can, you know, lead to unpredictable stuff, so be careful. Something that if it were necessary at all, would make a lot more sense on a PC (where no such warning is given) than a mobile device IMHO, and did I mention, wastes my freaking time and can’t be disabled as far as I can see.
2. The email app is atrocious. Not GMail, talking about what you use for e.g. an Exchange account. Has only rudimentary understanding of folders, and no way of getting notifications only for specific folders. Wonder if there’s a better app for that.

I also had a new idea for an app (probably already implemented somewhere) – hotspot fast track. When you’re at a public hotspot (or e.g. one at a hotel), every time you connect it wants you to go to some BS web page (usually requiring BS JavaScript) and click through some BS agreement to actually use the internet. As if everyone only ever used the web and anyone gave a shit about the stupid agreement. When you’re on a mobile this is a huge PITA, not least because you don’t tend to maintain a steady connection, and find yourself going back at that BS web page once you notice the network doesn’t seem to be working. The hotspot fast track app would look for wifi connections, test for BS portal redirections, and automatically “click through” known portal types that you authorize.