kudos to yum fastestmirror plugin

I don’t really understand why yum-fastestmirror isn’t just installed in Fedora automatically. Without it, I’ve had yum trying to get packages from across the Atlantic, which makes no sense. With it, my system installs and updates are about as fast as my internet service can handle, which is pretty sweet.

Until recently. Recently I noticed some updates crawling at dialup speeds again. Not sure how this mirror got designated as fastest, but it certainly wasn’t fast. Maybe it throttles intermittently.

So today I found another reason to love fastestmirror: you can exclude specific mirrors that you find sucking. Just edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/fastestmirror.conf and uncomment the “exclude=” line, and list any mirrors that suck (check the beginning of your yum session for what mirror it’s using) separated by commas. Your next yum run will be back to the usual speed. Win!


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