back after a break

It’s kind of gratifying to check the logs and see that people are still ending up at my little blog here even when I’m away having a baby for a month! Hope visitors found something useful.

I’ve had some troubles with DD-WRT since trying it out, just thought I’d note them. The first, major one was that all of the sudden the DHCP server stopped working. It just wouldn’t hand out IPs anymore – existing ones worked fine. I ended up resetting the router and losing configuration over that one. Then one day in the middle of a Skype session I simply lost connectivity. The router was up but I couldn’t ping the gateway for my ISP. I cursed the ISP at first but eventually figured out it wasn’t them, and a quick router reboot actually solved it. But this is disconcerting. Maybe I need a firmware upgrade, haven’t been paying attention.

Demoed WhenDidI at my Android meetup on Wednesday, and folks seemed to think it had good potential and were interested in how it worked. We started talking about the future log analysis capabilities, adding geotags to entries, sharing trackers between multiple people, etc. – stuff that’s mostly way in the future unfortunately, but interesting.


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