DDMS on Fedora; android screencast

I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with this kind of thing to get Android DDMS connected to a device on Fedora. Getting Ubuntu working was fairly straightforward after some Google-ing, but it didn’t sound like everything was just right on Fedora yet. However Fedora is what I’m happiest with, and having the SDK bridge working is a prerequisite for getting screen shots or screen casts from a device (useful for presenting), so I finally sat down and tried it out. Imagine my pleasant surprise to find that in Fedora 12 (at least) there’s a simple workaround: run adb as root (i.e. via sudo). Only adb has to run as root; then the device is available to the console user. This is still less than ideal but it’s good enough for me. This post is a good summary of the issues.

Onward, then, to androidscreencast. This works as advertised. It’s too bad you need to root the device to control it remotely, but mostly I’m interested in using this to make the tiny display on a device visible via a projector, so I don’t care much about remote control. For my purposes, the only problem is dealing with orientation; I stretched out the display and changed orientation a few times and a runtime exception was thrown. I guess, just don’t do that for now, and “patches welcome” no doubt. And the framerate isn’t great. But for my purposes this is quite useful. Sure would be better on YouTube than those crappy video zoom-ins on the device. And loads better for presenting something on the phone to a group.


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