preferences, more headers/footers on listview

Java tutorial entries here and here helped clear up my understanding of generics and what’s going on with my last post. Basically what I was trying to do with an array is not supposed to be done, for esoteric type-safety reasons. I tried refactoring to use List<Class<Activity>> instead of an array but the cascading errors/warnings I got from that were puzzling. Maybe try that again later.

Annoyance: my preferences class has to use PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(context) all over its static methods. Surely there’s a way to cache the result of this verbosity? Probably in an Application object. I tried creating an Application object and caching getSharedPreferences() during its constructor (so that it could go in a final member) but this gave me a null pointer error:
     at android.content.ContextWrapper.getSharedPreferences(

Looks like the line it’s talking about is this:
     return mBase.getSharedPreferences(name, mode);
but mBase is set in the constructor so I don’t know how that would be null. I don’t know, but I did find out that if I called it in onCreate in the application, that worked fine. So I guess something is in place there that isn’t during the constructor.

I futzed a little bit more with setting headers/footers on the ListView. Here’s what I recall finding so far:

  • Forget about putting buttons or editors or anything like that which receives focus in headers/footers; that’s not going to work with navigation without some major magic (though they’ll be accessible by touch)
  • If I have header and an “empty” view, the header won’t show when the empty view is shown (list empty). I think the footer does, strangely. If I don’t define an empty view, headers will be shown all the time.
  • I can put stuff in my layout after the listview, and it looks kind of like a footer. But it can’t be navigated to, and more importantly if the list is longer than the screen it can’t even be seen.

I’m planning to just define adapters and views for custom list elements to do what I want (e.g. a “create a new entry” list item, no need for empty view), and otherwise use menus.


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