debugging and learning by lending a hand

I start out the day with a lovely SQLite error:

ERROR/AndroidRuntime(800): Caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near “Group”: syntax error: , while compiling: SELECT _id, name FROM Group

Now, I did just change (almost) all of my table and column names, but I don’t see anything wrong with that SQL. Hm; surely there’s a way to get SQLite to log the exact statements it’s running? Maybe that would help. Hmm, maybe, but given the statement above looked fine, maybe I should just try it directly by firing up adb shell and checking the DB myself with sqlite3.

# sqlite3 whendidi.db
SQLite version 3.5.9
Enter “.help” for instructions
sqlite> SELECT _id, name FROM Group;
SQL error: near “Group”: syntax error
sqlite> .schema Group
sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE android_metadata (locale TEXT);

So there’s the problem – the “Group” table wasn’t created (for that matter, none were). Pretty simple, but why do I get this as a “Syntax error” rather than “Table doesn’t exist” error? Oh, duh – “group” is a reserved word in SQL. Hahahah, the wacky things I do sometimes… and I would’ve noticed it earlier if I’d paid attention the first time I tried to run the app and it failed (while creating the DB, instead of now while trying to use tables that should have been created the first time).

I got a chance to be AndroidDev support for AndroidFTW today. His problem was simple enough, needed to know how to hook up a ListView and its menu to respond to user clicks. Along the way, I noticed that there are two parallel methods for handling selections from the options menu: the one I’ve been using (probably saw it in books) – onMenuItemSelected(int, MenuItem) and the one that’s in the online guide, onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem). Doesn’t hurt to use the former but makes more sense to use the latter.


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