is it too much to ask…

Would it be too much to ask that when I use the ADT resource generator tools, they produce XML that looks not like this:

… but instead actually readable like this:

I mean, I suppose if I just wrote it directly in the first place (Eclipse does offer good completion help), I wouldn’t care. But it’s nice to use the graphical tools just for getting started sometimes, and then it sucks to reposition the text so I can make sense of it.

Am I the only person complaining?

UPDATE: Score! This is exactly what I need. Wow, looks like this guy has a ton of other useful information too. Blogrolled!

Hmm, minor little problem – I added a key shortcut for “Clean up” but it’s not firing. I guess I can remember Alt-S, C, Return.


One Response

  1. Glad I could help :-]

    As for the shortcut, it is probably conflicting with another existing shortcut. I recommend you pull up the Keys options menu again and type in your shortcut into the filter – that should show all instances where it’s used. Perhaps that’ll shed some light.


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