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Android developers are having office hours on IRC now. I’m very thankful that they’re willing to provide help, and I hope they use the questions and answers to improve documentation so they’ll have fewer questions to answer in the long run (and fewer frustrated developers wondering what’s going on), but – I wasn’t impressed just yet. I was on channel for the time yesterday, and asked three questions via the moderation tool they’re using, which other users seemed to like. They did answer one question on channel – to say that what I want to do isn’t really possible yet. Didn’t address the others or many questions at all. Looks like the questions to the earlier session didn’t get answers yet – but there were answers to the questions from a week ago. So maybe they’ll get to it, but if you have to wait a week for answers, what’s the point of office hours? Well, maybe the holidays aren’t the best time – I’ll reserve judgment. And frankly, any kind of responsiveness is appreciated. And if I can get answers eventually, I have answers for my problems and new material for the android blog :-)

Know what I figured out today? Resource IDs don’t need to be globally unique. You just can’t inflate the same resource ID from different places in the same context. The R generator doesn’t seem to care that two things generate the same ID. Phew! I was naming my IDs with little prefixes based on the filename so as to keep them all unique globally; it’s not pretty. That was an assumption on my part, but I never saw anything to contradict it… maybe it’s time to read those dev docs more thoroughly!

Outstanding questions/problems:

  • Can I arrange my layout resources into subdirectories? I’m getting to have quite a few. Will have to try this and see if it causes problems – might mess up internationalization, orientation-specific layouts, etc?
  • I know I’m mismanaging my DB handles and cursors somehow – need to look into proper practices there.
  • I haven’t really dealt with lifecycle stuff properly. This shouldn’t be too hard, just need to actually do it. This is one of those areas where formal tests would be most helpful, as it’s hard to manually test the transitions properly.

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