things are looking up

Creating menus in XML was pretty easy. Now looking for how to use the stock icons – in code you can refer to them as android.R.drawable.ic_menu_* but I’m not sure how to specify this in the XML and docs aren’t being helpful. Trial and error determines that an icon like “@android:drawable/ic_menu_add” will succeed (at least in this case the builder helpfully tells me when I have it wrong). The available icons can be found by having Eclipse autocomplete android.R.drawable.<Ctrl-Space> or by opening up the R class in the JAR and looking through the definitions.

Actually got WhenDidI app reasonably wired up. Creating a new item on the list works (still need to do this when they press the back button, and store members when activity is paused) and has a working layout. Created a list editor that shows list of lists. Created a row layout for the main screen that is what I want. Menus have icons and send the user to the right place if possible. Feels like I did a lot.


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