android – meetups, skins

Of note Android-wise lately:

  • Android from scratch got added to Planet Android as requested, yay! Got a couple comments right away.
  • Android dev setup meetup Thursday went OK – except those showing up either already had the SDK installed or didn’t bring computers, so I had to shift gears and discussed the SDK environment and a little bit about fundamentals.
  • Planned hack session this afternoon really turned into me helping two guys get setup and talking about stuff; these two are at least somewhat likely to continue on the path of Android dev so it was somewhat worthwhile.

Working on merging these two G1 emulator skins into one; should just mean merging the layout and jiggering the images in the skins directory. Thing is, there’s no doc as to the formats. I thought the parts {} section was somewhere you could just make up names for the parts you wanted; apparently not, only particular names are allowed for the parts. Looks like parts that can be reused with simple rotation/translation have names, and then you can define portrait or landscape parts for the specific bits that can’t be reused. Actually have this almost figured out, I think. More tomorrow.


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