The dude who forked Throttle deleted the fork and did his own thing “inspired” by it. Well, at least the idea had some merit. Now I have to figure out for myself what he was saying didn’t work with real memcache.

And I did get a new Android article up. This inspired Daeron to fiddle with skins and he figured out how to create new skins so we can customize our screenshots in the future :-) Hopefully he’ll make a comment or article about it soon. Also requested adding the blog feed to Planet Android.

Gotta get all the downloads for my Android meetup tomorrow, and see if I can scare up a laptop on craigslist. Hm, if I don’t get any decent replies, looks like getting a new one isn’t too bad!

Well – as it turns out, I did find a decent laptop by 9pm (cost: $150 and several hours of searching), and spent the rest of the evening repartitioning and setting up Fedora for Android development.


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