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i thought i’d try out some desktop blogging helpers so i don’t have to involve a browser for blogging. ubuntu has a few… going to see what lekhonee does for this blog (first complaint: it’d be nice if it told you your user/pass was bad before you tried to post). in addition to this blog i have an old personal one and a new one just about android that i’ll work on together with my brother – he’s hosting it.

speaking of which, he got back to me about setting the domain to what we wanted and enabling WP to write its own config so that’s fine; however the rewrite rules aren’t working. i’m used to setting up apache on fedora/RHEL so i’m not used to how things are done in ubuntu, but it didn’t take too long to figure things out (everything is called apache2 instead of httpd). curiously, there’s nothing in httpd.conf; i guess that’s fine, everything is modularized out into directories, which must make it a lot easier for tools to configure things without having to work around unrelated config items.

.htaccess isn’t being read because we have AllowOverride None in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/android.opensourceror.org – needs to be All; and probably need to enable mod_rewrite with sudo a2enmod rewrite – so, waiting on him to do that. curses for not having my own root :-)

i worked on my android dev intro outline and i think i have it fairly complete and organized, enough to fill the time and more for the meetup this thursday :-) even as a n00b it’s not hard to have just a little more knowledge than those i’m giving the intro to.

The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.7


3 Responses

  1. Use lekhonee-gnome v0.8, it tells if the user/pass is wrong, also please suggest other improvements.

  2. Kushal, I appreciate you coming by to follow up on my experience. I think I will be sticking with the ScribeFire firefox plugin for my blogging needs, but let me tell you what I observed. The formatting options for text were a lot less than what wordpress offers – too minimal. When I used it to add categories to a post, those categories were created as just the first letter I had entered. And it added a self-advertisement without warning or any obvious way to disable/change that behavior. I did not like these shortcomings. Otherwise it seemed good.

  3. Text formatting is something I am working on. I still have to see that categories issue.

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